Meet Flossy

Our Story

Flossy was founded by Michelle and Ian, Long time residents of Newmarket, Ontario.

With their sons busily pursuing their post secondary educations, they found themselves with some spare time, so they decided to pursue their creative passion and love of flowers and to start Flossy’s Flower Truck.

Our Mission

Our goal is to bring flowers to people in a fun, unique and memorable flower bouquet shopping experience.

Who is Flossy

Flossy’s Flower Truck is a 1970 VW Single cab transporter, that made her move north from Grand Rapids, Michigan in Summer 2020. We know that she was originally from California as she arrived in Canada with California plates.

Flossy was named in honour of Michelle’s paternal grandmother, Florence, a small but mighty woman who could grow African Violets like no one else!

The Roses in the logo, represent Michelle’s maternal grandmother, Rose, who took care of the flowers in her local church for all the years Michelle can remember.

Both women were incredibly strong in character and were role models for Michelle growing up.

Flossy is a tribute to both of these amazing women and the lifetime of love for flowers that they passed down. We want to share this love of flowers with you!